Smith Transport offers you safety & service

Our fleet of new equipment, solid trailers, and professional drivers offer you safety, reliability, and peace of mind.

A proud member of the Heartland Express Enterprise.

Benefits of working with an asset carrier like Smith Transport.
Asset-based carriers own their own trucks and equipment and offer you a 24/7 full-service staff that can provide everything you need from the moment your goods are finished, from packaging and storage to inventory control, along with all your shipping and receiving.

We may be able to save you money! Because we own all of our equipment and have an entire full-time staff, there is no need to subcontract any part of the process. You’ll work solely with us and have your own single point-of-contact representative.

As an asset-based carrier, we are highly adaptable to changing individual circumstances. For example, if a load needs to be diverted to a different destination, we can call our driver and ask for the diversion.